Reviews From Just A Few Of Our Fantastic Passers

Good Morning,

Below are some pics of passers and their comments who learnt to drive with CF14 School of Motoring.

Many Congratulations To Elin, Passing With Just 2 Minors In Cardiff - Despite Missing Her Test Date, Going Into Her Junk Mail, And Not Knowing About The Test Until Yesterday Evening! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

On The Bright Side, No Time To Unduly Stress...

Well All That Worry For NOTHING!
Alex PASSING first time with just 1 Minor & on his first attempt. πŸ˜‡ I told you my Mock Tests Are Not Meant To Be Easy, But The Practical Test A Breaze, And So It Was.
Many Congratulations, Start Test...

Amazzzzzing! Finally Joe Has Passed His Practical Driving Test In Cardiff Today, Despite - Well Joe Knows What Despite, But Lets Just Say It´s Not Been An Easy To Get Here.πŸ™ƒ
Thoroughly Deserved - Keep Calm And Patient When You Are Out...

Monday morning can’t start any better than this , and my huuuge congratulations goes to Aaron Williams who finally get things done in Cardiff tc and only 2 little minors popped up, we’ve waited quite a bit due to all the wait and disruptions we’ve...

Many Congratulations To Lucy, PASSING Today In Cardiff πŸš—
Despite Nerves, Frustration & Worry - That Was Me Not Lucy, Fantastic News And Now The Proud Owner Of A Full Driving Licence. Dont Forget To Thank You Dad For All His Efforts - And...

The Weekend Simply Doesnt Stop Us! - πŸ€“
Tom Passing Today, - So No More Cycling To Work For Him, Getting Soaking Wet, And Simply Being Knackered Before He Even Starts Work For The Day...
Good Luck With You Job, I Know Who To Call When...

And a happy chappy feeling continues throughout this miserable weather, but we don’t care as we have another brilliant pass this morning in Cardiff tc with Hannah Creedon, who held her nerves well and received that beloved blue certificate πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜...

*** Yet Another Terrific Day With Nefisah Passing On Her First Attempt Today In Cardiff - Being A Little Shy Keeping Her Mask On, But None The Less, One Big Happy Smile Hiding Behind It! Drive Safely, And Ask Your Husband To Buy You A New Car! 🏎 ***
And we can say finally as we’ve been waiting a long time to have this done, but today is the day when Ian Evans has finally done it in Cardiff tc at rather late afternoon tea time slot and it’s his freedom earned now, and just one tiny little minor...

Many Congratulations To Ed, Shown Here With His Proud Dad, Passing On His First Attempt With Just 4 DF. Fantastic Day, Even Had To Miss A Bit Of Business Studies From School To Take Test, But IΒ΄m Sure Your Teacher All Agree, PASSING Makes Good Business...

Many Congratulations To Sian From All of Us Here At cf14 School Of Motoring, PASSING Today In Cardiff!
After All The Bay Parking Practice With Your Mum, After All The Dedication And Long Hours (And Years) Spent Learning To Drive - FINALLY, FINALLY...

And absolutely smashing it this morning again with Harry Evans-Fisher in Cardiff tc where we collected another first time pass.
I’m super delighted for this nice young man who will be a nice and I believe safe addition to the driving world,...

And another week has started as we would wish it to start all the time by a brilliant first time pass in Cardiff tc with Boaz Johnson who claimed his blue certificate and he got just three tiny minors on the email πŸ‘πŸ»
We’ve also had quite...

Congratulations Ffion on passing your practical driving test in cardiff today on your first attempt- safe journey back to Plymouth and hopefully the navy will have a ship for you to join soon - drive safe xx

Congratulations to Daisy on passing her practical driving test in Barry today with only 4 df - enjoy being your dads taxi for a change πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚xx

And we are absolutely over the moon today afternoon when we’ve got the pass after the enormous long wait in Cardiff tc with Franta Fedak, who kept his test date as a secret to everyone so he doesn’t have to be explaining himself if it doesn’t go...

Congratulations to Ariam on passing your practical driving test today in cardiff with only 4 df - I think we can say you were very happy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Rebekah xx

Well Done George, Passing In Cardiff Today On Your First Attempt – Despite Not Knowing Where The Engine Coolant Goes!
Lucky You Had 1 Other Minor Giving You 2 Minors In Total As You Were So Close To A Clean Sheet Otherwise You Would Never Live...

***What A Day. Grace Joins The Club - Passing First Time In Cardiff Today! Enjoy Your Car, No More Asking For Lifts, Time To Drive To Work. Drive Safely - But Not ´TOO´ Slowly, See You On Pass Plus. Take Care x 😎 ***

Many Congratulations To Nesta. PASSING On Your First Attempt In Cardiff Today. What A Family,Your Brother Now You - Just Need You To Open Your Dream Coffee Shop And Drive To Work. Best Wishes For The Future. Fab Driver, Let Me Know If Your Dream Comes...

*** FANTASTIC! Well Done Cerys, Passing In Cardiff Today With Just 3 Minors. Fab Student, Will Miss Our Chats - But I Know You Will Enjoy Uni And Can Now Concentrate On That - Phew...πŸ‘
Enjoy Your Car & Dont Forget To Send Me A Picture Of...

*** Many Congratulations To Ali, Passing In Cardiff Today On His First Attempt With Just 18Hrs Of Driving Lessons! Fantastic Student - A Hard Test Route, And A ´Real´ Emergency Stop To Deal With.

Drive Safely, Keep Up With...

Congratulations to Arooba who passed her practical driving test in cardiff today with only 3 driver faults and can now drive herself to Uni - stay safe xx

*** FINALLY, Many Congratulations To Fawaz, Passing In Cardiff Today With Just 3 Driving Faults.

With Lockdown, Uni And Lots Of Other Delays - TODAY is Your Day Fawaz, Enjoy Telling Everybody That You Have A FULL Driving Licence, Drive...

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Barry Has Had 64 Out Of 67 Students Pass Their Practical Test In 2019 (Many First Time)

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Maisy 01.10.19
*** Many Congratulations To Maisy, Passing Today With The Test Centre Manager, With Another New Route For Me! Great Drive, Fab Student - Enjoy Being Called On By Your Parenrs For Lifts In The Future. ...
Maisy 01.10.19

AMAZING, from this nervous woman to a cool customer, driving over Caerphilly Mountain, taking on the A470, dealing with that Sat Nav and driving into a Supermarket Bay and revering back out. Real ...

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