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Reviews From Just A Few Of Our Fantastic Passers

Good Morning,

Below are some pics of passers and their comments who learnt to drive with CF14 School of Motoring.

*** Many Congratulations To Iwan Passing With Just 3 Driving Faults Today! Great Result, Hope This Puts A Smile On Your Mums Face, Hope She Gets Well Soon WELL DONE! 😎 ***

*** Many Congratulations Melahat, Passing With Just 2 Minors Today, Fantastic - Thanks For The Chocolates, I Will Enjoy Them After Seeing Your Mum, Brother And Now You All Pass! Enjoy Car Hunting With Your Brother 😎 WELL DONE AGAIN TO YOU ALL! ***

A massive well done today goes to Julius Kuman Jr who held his nerves through tight country lanes passing big lorry and other obstacles especially nerves as it was his very first test, but he did brilliantly and got that lovely blue passing certificate...

And to follow Rebekah’s example from last week, here comes a double whammy for today from me, and I’m so happy for Nancy Bradley who held her nerves as it also was her very first attempt in Cardiff DTC today and she did ever so brilliant to get her...

*** Many Congratulations To Rhodri, Passing Today On His First Attempt - Just 2 Minors, Afer Managing To Bring Your Test Forward From Next Year!
Great Driver, Continue To Drive Safely And Fingers Crossed With Your Interview For Uni. Great Day For...

Many Congratulations Joely, PASSING In Cardiff On Your First Attempt! Fab Drive.
Good Idea Keeping It Quiet From All Of Your Friends Until Now - After You Passed -
You Can Now Drive To School And Save Your Parents Giving You Lifts, But...

*** So Many Congratulations To Anna, Passing Today In Cardiff On Her Very First Attempt! All That Worry And Fret Has Disappeared And You Will Soon Receive A Lovely Full Driving License Through Your Letterbox. Just To Think, Last Week You Didn´t Think...

*** Many Congratulations To Rhian, PASSING Yesterday On Her First Attempt. Fab Student - Best Wishes In Your Career, You Are Doing A Great Job For Us All In Your Profession. Take Care - Drive Safely & Best Wishes To Your Brother Who Also Passed With...

*** Many Congratulations To Sumer Passing On Your First Attempt In Cardiff, From A Packed Test Centre Today! With Lockdown And Restricted Lesson Time - You Did Really Well Passing Under Such Pressure. Be Careful When You Find A Car To Share With Your Sister,...

*** Many Congratulations To Iestyn Passing On Your First Attempt Immediately After Restarting Lessons Today!

Fantastic Effort, Superb Drive And Very Well Deserved. Enjoy Boasting To Your Friends What You Achieved During Lockdown, No Doubt...

Luby - Post lockdown feeling good, as we’ve started with this amazing PASS today in Cardiff DTC with Will Jones, bit of nerves as we couldn’t do many lessons, but with the help from mum and dad, he came confident and smashed it with only one tiny minor...

Huge Congratulations To Mathew, Passing First Time In The New Training Car!
Fantastic Student, Great Driver Just 2 DF´s And A Shiny Pink Driving Licence Will Be With You Any Day In The Post.
So When I Taught Your Brother, Your Mum...

And look at this for a pre lockdown achievement, absolutely delighted for Yasmin Alayoubi who has absolutely smashed it today in Cardiff DTC and taking home her lovely blue certificate, happy face, praise from the examiner and lots of experience. I couldn’t...

And this day got a lot better as we’ve got beautiful double whammy of brilliant passes in Cardiff DTC, and the latest edition with successful driving test is Ellis Fackrell who has been absolute joy to work with, very nice, polite and talented young...

And we can breathe the sign of relief again, as we’ve managed to get another brilliant PASS for CF14 with Liam Leonard in Cardiff DTC today morning, and he is one of mine last pre Covid booked but moved around test, so after a long and frustrating wait...

*** Many Congratulations To Cameron, Passing In Cardiff Today - Just 3 DF And Can Now Drive To Football Training When -Hopefully He Gets His Car Very Soon!
Great Student, Great Driver - Can He Be The Next Great Footballer? Lets Hope So. Well Done...

*** Many Congratulations To Brooke Passing Today On Her First Attempt With Just 2 Minors!
Fab Job. - Well Done You! ***

*** Many Congratulations Amirah, Passing Today Without Telling Any Of Your Friends!
Tomorrow Time To Drive To School And Suprise All Of Them - Haha.
Fantastic Effort, Well Done From All Of Us Here At cf14 School Of Motoring 😎 ***

And here comes another looooong lockdown delayed first time pass for CF14, and BIG CONGRATULATIONS goes to Micaelle D’abadia who has been working hard to get rid of me 😂 and it paid off as she managed brilliantly today morning at Cardiff DTC.
And what an amazing start of the week this is, not just coming and passing the test, but doing it without any minors , that takes some some effort, so the huuuuge CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at CF14 goes to Nick Jackson, who couldn’t hide his happiness...

And look at this little beauty this morning, we’ve had an amazing first time pass and no minors at all, CLEAN SHEET for Geana and me and the CF14 club 😁👍🏻
What can I say, just a mahooosive CONGRATULATIONS, because that was a stunning...

*** Many Congratulations To Beth, Passing After ´Lockdown´ In Cardiff Today!
You Worked Ever So Hard To Get This Done, And Finally, A Day To Remember. Many Congratulations From All Of Us Here At cf14 School Of Motoring 😎 ***

One more time this week we feeling amazing as we’ve had another long expected pass, and again on her very first attempt in Cardiff DTC, and again nervous beforehand, but over the moon afterwards, absolutely amazing effort from Alzbeta Conkova 😁👏🏻...

So, Just To Get This Right - You Took Your Theory Test In North Wales Last Week, & Passed Your Practical Today In Cardiff On Your First Attempt, Despite The Nightmare Of Getting A Test! - Fantastic Determination

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Pip 23.09.19
Huge congratulations to Pip who passed her practical driving test in cardiff today on her 1st attempt - have a lovely double celebration on your weekend away now Rebekah x
Pip 23.09.19

Flexible lesson plans that were personally tailored to my requirements. Made me feel confident that passing the test was just a formality after only a short stretch of lessons. Fantastic day for ...

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