Reviews From Just A Few Of Our Fantastic Passers

Good Morning,

Below are some pics of passers and their comments who learnt to drive with CF14 School of Motoring.

Many Congratulations To Anwen, Passing Her Practical Driving Test Of Her First Attempt With Just 1 Small Driving Fault Today 👏👏👏

More Pressure Than Most As She Is Expecting Their First Baby In Just 6 Weeks Time, - So No Time For...

Well. Well, Well - Congratulations To Eve, Passing With Just 2 Driving Faults After A Short Trip Over Caerphilly Mountain & Back Again! 👏👏👏
Quite A Tricky Route Today - But Eve Remained Calm, And Treated The Test Just Like Any Other...

Congratulations To Lois, As We Helped Her Across The Finish Line Passing On Her First Attempt In Cardiff Today.

After The Misery Of Having Your Test Cancelled Last Week, (Whilst At The Test Centre Waiting Room) To Finding A Slot Before...

Many Christmas To Megan, With Huge Congratulations Today Finally Passing Her Practical Driving Test Before 2024! Mission Achieved 👏👏👏

Onto The Next Part Of Your Journey, With Travelling Abroad (Again) To Exotic Countries & Possibly...

As We Enter The Christmas Spirit - We Say Congratulations To Ethan, PASSING In Cardiff Today, On His First Attempt With One Small Driving Fault - FAB! 🍾👏🎉🚘

Despite Nerves, - Followed The Sat Nav Around The Heath & Rhiwbina,...

Here We Go Again *** WOW, WOW, WOW *** Congratulations To Franklin Passing With ZERO Driving Faults Today 🍾

Franklin Enters The 1% Club, That´s How Few People Pass On Their First Attempt With No Faults! 🎉🎉🎉


Congratulations To Lara, Passing With Just 2 Small Driving Faults Today, After A NIce Trip Down The Dual Carriageway To Cardiff Gate! 🚘

And I Can Celebrate, As Lara Lives In The City Centre, And It´s One BIG PAIN Travelling Back And...

🎉 *** WOW *** WOW *** WOW *** 🍾 -Congratulations Today To Awen, Passing With Zero Faults On Her Very First Attempt In Cardiff Today!
At This Rate, You Won´t Be Working In A Nursery For Much Longer, - You´ll Be Taking Over My Business!
The Weekend Continues On A High, With Fflur Passing On Her First Attempt In Cardiff On Armistice Day! 🍾🎉🎊
So Many Congratulations, That Was A New Route On Me, And Very Tricky. So Today Fflur Drove Up To Gabalfa Roundabout, Dual Carriageway...

We Start The Weekend, With Lucy Passing Her Practical Driving Test Today, With Just 2 Driving Faults 👏👏👏
Superb Drive Today, - Up To Gabalfa Roundabout And Back 🚘
Time To Get The Car Insured 💰💵 More Like life Savings Nowadays,...

On This Wet And Miserable Saturday Morning - Our Congratulations Go To Sara, Brightening Our Day Up, By Passing In Our Fully Electric & Automatic Mini 🚗 🍾👏🥳

Just 3 Small Driving Faults, But A Really Confident And Great Drive...

So More Congratulations To Cerys, Passing With Just 3 Minors In Cardiff Today! Pressure Slightly Off As She Needed To Pass As She Is In Training To Become A Police Detective, And A Driving Licence Must Be Obtained In Her First Year Of Service - Ahhh.
Congratulations Owen, Passing In Cardiff Today, With Just A Couple Driving Faults. 👏 👏 👏

As You Know, I Always Like To Go Back Over The Video Footage Of The Test, To See How It Went. Today Was No Exception, But - It Was A First...

And More Congratulations To Eve Today, - Missing Double History (Sorry History Teacher) But Making Her Own, - Passing On Her Very First Attempt Today. 👏👏👏

So Once Again, Over Caerphilly Mountain, But Down To The Lay By, Turning...

Congratulations Today To Nia - Part 2 Of This Week´s Sister Act, With Eluned Passing on Wednesday! 🥳👏🍾🎉 What A Great Week For Your Family 👍

Great Drive Today, Passing On Your First Attempt With Just 3 Minors 🚗🚘🚙
FINALLY, We Got There In The End, But Congratulations To Ellie, Passing In Cardiff After A Little Trip Up And Over Caerphilly Mountain - A Quick Reverse Bay Park At The Cafe, Back Down The Hill - And The Reward, A Shiny Pink FULL Driving Licence 🪪
And We Finish September With Our 10th Pass This Month Alone - So The Congratulations Go To Menna, A First Time Pass To Join Her Sisters Who Previously Passed With Us. 👏👏👏

Fab Family, Who Must Truly Be Glad To See The Back Of Me...

Here We Go Again, - & For The Second Time Today, Many Congratulations This Time To Jon, Passing With Just 3 Minors On His First Attempt In Cardiff Today 👏👏👏

No More Asking Mum & Dad For Lifts, Just Pick Up The Keys To Your Car...

And More Congratulations Go Today To Garlong, (Passing On His First Attempt With cf14 School Of Motoring) With Just A Few Minors; - After Undertaking A Quite Difficult Test Route Through Pontprennau Lanes Today 👏
Great Student - Time To Concentrate...

Congratulations To Sophie, Passing In Cardiff Today - Despite Forgetting How To Put On Your Windscreen Wipers When It Started To Rain - Aghh.. 🌧️
Now If The Examiner Asked You To Clean And Wash The Windows, You Would Have Done It Without A...

The Amazing Bella Continues Our September PASSING Streak, With Just 2 Minors In Cardiff This Afternoon👍
Fab Student, Great Driver - Time To Share Cars With Your Sister. You´ve Managed To Get Rid Of Me Bella, Please Keep To The Speed Limits,...

Many Congratulations To Josh, Passing On His First Attempt Today. Getting Used To The New ´Normal´ With Most Speed Limits Being 20mph, But Roadsigns Saying 30mph Could Be Very Confusing!

So Another Trip Over Caerphilly Mountain, Back...

Many Congratulations To Will, Passing With Just 3 Minors In Cardiff Today! 👍 - Another Trip Over Caerphilly Mountain, Driving Into A Parking Bay (The Manoeuvre He Really Didn´t Want - But Nailed It) Back Into Cardiff - And Now The Holder Of A Full...

Many Congratulations To Ruby, Passing In Cardiff Today - Finishing Just In Time To Go To School At 10am And Tell Everybody What A Great Morning She´s Had 👍
She Joins Her Sister & Brother Who Both Previously Passed With Us, And Finally Her Parents...

Was a fantastic teacher - made me feel safe and comfortable at all times and would recommend him to any driver. I´d previously learnt with a different instructor a few years before, and was relu ...

Excellent assured smooth and comfortable drive today Chris, Brilliant news passing on your first attempt!

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