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For Anyone looking for a driving instructor, I think Debra Marlow is once of the best people you can have for the job. I have been tutored by this woman for 13 months constantly, and my recent pass at my test is all because of this woman. I just wanted...


Thanks to Debra´s persistence and on-the-ball teaching, I passed first time. Even after the first lesson as a nervous driver I felt like I had progressed. Debra definitely help put my nerves at ease as she is an incredibly friendly, chatty person...


An excellent instructor. Barry has a great attitude that helps you to learn, and with his capable tuition I was able to pass first time. Extra credit for having a superb learner´s car and for intelligent use of technology - it´s very useful...


Passed first time!

Barry is an incredible driving instructor, he is calm, patient and a relaxing person to have in the car while learning. He is flexible and works around your timing and needs and would recommend Barry to anyone. It was...

I would definitely recommend Barry as a driving instructor. He’s an incredibly calm, patient and encouraging teacher, who also put up with all my swearing with good grace whenever I made a mistake. His timings were flexible and the lessons geared to...

Barry is an exceptionally honest and competent driving instructor. He has a genuine interest in making his students not only pass but also become safe drivers. So happy with the money and time I spent on my driving lessons with him.

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NB.Prices will revert to STANDARD rate from lesson ONE if any instalment is not made on the due date!

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30 Hours Pre-Paid (3 Payments)
This 30 Hour Offer is limited to 12.50 hrs of tuition in month one, or until second payment made & 20.00 hrs in total to month 2.

NB. Prices will revert to STANDARD rate from lesson one, if any instalment is not made on the due date.

Additional Lessons Will Be Charged At £27.75

Barry Has Had 64 Out Of 67 Students Pass Their Practical Test In 2019 (Many First Time)

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Fantastic Instructor, Outstanding training, Highly Recommended and 100% Value for Money ! Barry truly is the best instructor around, he is friendly, approachable, funny and his teaching methods w ...

Erin 23.03.18
What can I say, what a cool calm collected woman you are! Not many people say to me I´m really looking forward to this and PASS first time with ease. Many Congratulations Erin, drive safely and ...
Erin 23.03.18

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