Amazing `Dash Cam´ Technology With cf14 School of Motoring!

Each of our Audi A1´s are fitted with the latest and best Dash Cam´s on the market.

Snoopers award winning technology allows us to offer all our students the ability to take ´their´ lesson home with them via a Micro SD Card and adapter. All we ask is that you pay a deposit for the Card (or provide your own) and every lesson you can ´review´ your lesson in the comfort of your own home for FREE! You dont have to - but nice to recall your ´First´ Driving Lesson, or Dual Carriageway, or even your ´Mock Test´ etc. It also helps you learn the various roads around the Llanishen Test Centre without having to go back there!

With a wide angle of 140 degrees, HD 1080P Resolution, just another way of showing why cf14 School of Motoring is leading the way to help you on your Driving Adventure!

Please ask Barry for more details if you want to take advantage of this amazing help.

Please Note: Not Available For Your ´Practical Driving Test´ as currently the DVSA do not allow you to video your test Sorry!

Rima 13/03/2017
Barry was an amazing instructor couldnt have asked for a better instructor really, we got so much done in such little time… learnt really fast with him and his sense of humour just topped it all off ...
Rima 13/03/2017

After moving from Liverpool to Cardiff two weeks ago for a new job, I was in a rush to find a new instructor. I had rebooked my test after failing it the first time in Liverpool, and turned to Barry a ...

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

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