P.O.M (Simple Way To Remember)

Prepare With engine running - clutch down, select 1st Gear, set gas by pressing gas pedal until - Rev’s increase between 1000 – 2000. Now keep gas pedal steady! We now slowly bring clutch to bite point. Engine noise will change and revs will be start to lower (don’t worry this is right). Now also keep your clutch foot steady. If necessary dip clutch to prevent the car creeping forward, but if you have correctly selected the ´biting point´ you won’t need to do this.

Observe Starting with your left blind spot by looking out of the rear nearside window, then look into the F/N/S wing mirror – look ahead through the windscreen – and glance through your rear view mirror. Next check your right F/O/S wing mirror. Now turn your head over your right shoulder and look at your right blind spot. If it is still clear return your head to your right F/O/S wing mirror as a final safety check, (For Discussion: – we will only indicate if this will benefit somebody, so it is at this point we make that decision.)

Move: Now with your left hand release the hand brake, and look directly ahead through the front windscreen. Gently raise your clutch pedal and the car will slowly move forward. As the clutch pedal engages the gears, we can start to use the gas pedal. The quicker we need to move off, the more gas!

Start to steer to the right moving the car towards the middle of the left hand lane and then straighten the car by gently steering back to the left. You’ve done it.! Check your interior mirror to see if anything has caught up behind you, and gradually increase your speed between 10 – 15mph before considering changing to second gear. Remember – to do this we need to push our clutch pedal to the floor whilst at the same time taking your foot off the gas pedal, back to the cover point. (Otherwise the engine will excessively rev as the engine and gears are not engaged.)

Now Let´s Stop Safely

Check your interior mirror!

(to see what is directly behind you – true view)

Check F/N/S wing mirror,

(For Boys On Bikes ‘Bob’ – We will discuss this next time)

Consider indicating left. Position car to left by gently steering back to the left (Discuss: Guide to kerb) foot off gas, cover brake pedal and apply pressure to slow car down if necessary – (Remember the car will start to slow in any case when you remove your foot from the gas pedal); as the car comes to a stop, remember clutch to floor to prevent stalling. Apply handbrake, gear into neutral, move feet from all foot pedals – and BREATHE, you´ve done it!

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Hannah 30.09.21
And a happy chappy feeling continues throughout this miserable weather, but we don’t care as we have another brilliant pass this morning in Cardiff tc with Hannah Creedon, who held her nerves well a ...
Hannah 30.09.21

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