Welcome to cf14 School Of Motoring - Terms & Conditions

Welcome to cf14 School Of Motoring Terms & Conditions - Professional & Fun Learning Designed Around You!

cf14 School Of Motoring follow the DSA & DIA voluntary ‘Code of Practice’ for driving instructors. If you require a full copy of this code please ask Barry!
If you have any cause for complaint please speak to Barry in the first instance. If you are still unhappy then the code of practice will give you information regarding the next step to take.

cf14 School Of Motoring is taking a zero tolerance approach to physical and verbal assaults against its staff. If your instructor feels threatened or intimidated by you the ´client´ Your instructor will initially remind them of this policy and if necessary ABANDON this and any FUTURE lessons. The onus is then on you, the ´client´ to make your own arrangements to return to your drop off location at no cost to cf14 School Of Motoring. Barry will be immediately informed of the incident and the ´client´ will be prevented from taking additional lessons and NO REFUND offered. All our Training Cars are fitted with the latest ´Dash Cams´ with both audio and visual recording facilities. This will be preserved by your Instructor, and if necessary used in evidence to support any subsequent prosecution.

Payment & Methods of Payment: Your driving instructor will provide you the ‘client’ with driving tuition at the rate per hour as per the price list advertised on our website. Payment for tuition should be made in advance using a debit or credit card atcf14 School Of Motoring. Currently we are unable to take ´cash´ due to the ´Pandemic´ and Gov´t advice on cash handling!

Please note that all fees paid to cf14 School Of Motoring for lessons and courses are non refundable, therefore in the event that you decide to cancel the course or lesson no refund will be issued. cf14 School Of Motoring will however give a full refund if we are unable to meet any special requirements that have been noted on the booking form. All block bookings or gift vouchers will have an expiry date of six (6) months from date of purchase, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

In the unlikely event of non-payment, a small but fair additional fee of £1.25 will be added to the cost of the lesson as this causes additional unnecessary work to raise an invoice. Each additional ´Reminder´ invoice will incur further fees of £1.25 for each additional invoice! Please monitor your spam emails as this will be no excuse for non-payment. If need be, reminders will be sent on day following your lesson, the third & seventh day following your lesson. If payment is still not forthcoming, any confirmed lessons, will subsequently be cancelled without notice, making them available to paying customers.

Lesson cancellations: Cancellations can be made by the ‘client’ directly on-line up to 48 hours prior to any lesson booked at no charge. ‘Clients’ will receive an automated email (provided they have supplied a valid email address) 48 hours prior to each lesson, to remind them of their booking.

If you the ‘client’ need to cancel with LESS than 48hrs notice, eg sickness, you must then contact your Instructor immediately. The lesson fees will still be chargeable and not be refunded.

Driving Licence: You must hold a current and valid driving licence, provisional or full and be able to produce it on or before the first lesson and anytime thereafter. Car Insurance: The tuition car is fully insured for tuition and driving tests with a reputable insurer, for further details contact Barry.

Driving Tests: cf14 School Of Motoring reserves the right in the interest of safety to withdraw the use of the driving tuition vehicle if in the instructor’s opinion the client is not ready for a practical test. If you wish to cancel your theory/hazard perception or practical test appointment, you must abide by the cancellations terms set out by the DSA. For full details see your booking confirmation letter or the DSA web site www.dsa.gov.uk The DSA have the right whilst a test is being conducted to have a senior examiner present in the tuition vehicle to ensure the test is being conducted correctly. However this senior examiner is only watching the examiner not the candidate. cf14 School Of Motoring will gladly book your Practical Driving Test on your behalf, giving you the ability to swap Test Dates with other students within cf14 School Of Motoring if it is agreed that this is necessary. An admin fee of £5 is chargeable for this service.

Cancellation & Refund Policy: cf14 School Of Motoring We have a strict NO REFUND OR TRANSFER POLICY. Full Terms & Conditions can be found on our ´Quality Lessons´ Tab. cf14 School Of Motoring Owner & Business Address Are Barry THOMAS 29 Crystal Glen, Llanishen Cardiff CF14 5QJ Mobile 07913238821 / LandLine 02920 196026 email: cf14som@virginmedia.com

´Unlimited Lessons´ If a ‘client’ requests to pay for this offer over 4 months, the tuition period will be limited to a maximum of 10 hours for month one, 20 hours for month two, 30 Hours in month 3 and then unlimited after this time! The offer is designed to help ‘clients’ through to passing their tests in the knowledge that they will have no further ´training´ costs, In the interests of fairness, this offer has a 12 month lifespan from the date of the ‘clients’ first lesson. Once the ´client´ has started & paid for this package - If the ´client´ later decides that they no longer want to learn to drive, no refund will be repayable.

Finally – Again in the interests of fairness, the client must PASS their Theory Test within 6 months of starting lessons with us, (FREE software will be provided) or lessons after this time will be suspended.

´Clients´ who wish to take advantage of any of our ´Pay Over Two / Three Instalment / 4 Instalment´ offers with cf14 School Of Motoring. Tuition will be limited as follows:-
15 Hour Offer, limited to 7 hrs for month one, or until second payment made.
NB.Prices will revert to STANDARD rate from lesson ONE if any instalment is not made on the due date!
25 Hour Offer, limited to 10.50 hrs of tuition in month one, or until second payment made & a total of 16.50 hrs to month two.
NB.Prices will revert to STANDARD rate from lesson ONE if any instalment is not made on the due date!
30 Hour Offer, limited to 12.50 hrs of tuition in month one, or until second payment made & 20.00 hrs in total to month 2.
NB. Prices will revert to STANDARD rate from lesson one, if any instalment is not made on the due date

Instructor Checks: Whilst Barry is an Approved Driving Instructor, he is checked tested by the DSA; therefore, a representative of the DSA may be present in the tuition vehicle during lessons. This is a requirement in the interest of our clients to ensure that the instructor maintains a good standard of instruction. He / She will only be observers and the lesson will carry on as normal.

Lesson Duration: All matters relating to the timing, location and duration of individual lessons shall be subject to agreement between Instructors and the ‘client’, but cf14 School of Motoring always aim to provide ‘full’ hours commitment.

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