Risk Assessment!

The purpose of this ´Pre-Lesson Safety Assessment´ is to ensure that both yourself as a candidate, and us as your Driving Instructors, are fully informed of ANY health conditions or concerns either of us may have, regarding personal safety during our driving lessons together.

It is also to ensure any questions you have are answered, and any necessary planning and equipment can be put in place before we commence lessons with you.

If applicable, please take the time to discuss this form with your family members or those in your household before working your way through the following questions, to ensure everyone in your home understands the IMPORTANCE of your answers being TRUE & ACCURATE! Once you have worked your way through the form, if you become aware of any reason why you are unable to take lessons, you must contact your instructor, AT LEAST 48HRS PRIOR to the commencement of your driving lessons.



You MUST NOT attend any driving lessons or tests if you have any Covid-19 symptoms

Have you had symptoms or suffered COVID- 19 since your last lesson?*


Does any member of your immediate household currently have any COVID- 19 symptoms or reason to feel they need to self-isolate?*


Do you or anyone who you are in regular close contact with, have any health issues which classify them as a vulnerable group - in respect of Govt COVID-19 guidelines?*


Do you have any allergies or health issues that means you would not be able to use Hand Sanitiser provided?*
NB If ‘YES’, you must bring your own products to clean your hands and keep you safe before touching the vehicle or controls in the car.


Your instructor will only be wearing a face covering during lessons in order to minimise risk from themself to you; if mandated to do so!
This means their voice may not be as clear or loud. Do you have any difficulties with hearing?*

If ‘YES’, please advise details so we can discuss options to work round this issue.


Do you plan to wear a face covering during lessons?*


If ‘YES’, will you be able to provide your own covering, or would you like your instructor to provide one?*


Your instructor will only be wearing protective gloves during lessons, to minimise the risk of skin to skin contact; if mandated to do so!
Do you have any allergies to latex or synthetic products, that would stop them wearing such gloves?*

If ‘YES’, your instructor will need to discuss a plan with you prior to lessons to work around this issue


Do you plan to wear protective gloves during lessons?*


If ‘YES’, will you be able to provide your own gloves, or would you like your instructor to provide them for you?*


Your instructor will be Sanitising the car between every lesson and before and after driving tests with anti-virus grade sanitiser. This means they will be wiping down all touchable surfaces with this sanitiser in spray and/or wipes form. Surfaces include, door frames, door handles inside and out, controls (signals, gear stick, parking brake, bonnet release), mirrors, seatbelts, seat adjusters and seats.

Do you have any allergies or breathing/respiratory conditions or other health problems for which this sanitisation process would cause you any problems or difficulties? If ‘YES’, your instructor will need to discuss a plan with you prior to lessons to work around this issue.*


At time of writing, it is a requirement that we wear suitable clothing and footwear that minimises the exposure of bare skin (arms, legs, feet) whilst in car. This means wearing long sleeved tops and shirts (no T-shirts or ¾ sleeved shirts or tops), long trousers (no shorts, dresses or skirts) and footwear such as comfortable shoes or trainers (no open toed sandals). There may be a change to this policy, but this is the current guidance regarding clothing and footwear. May we please request that you ensure you comply with these requirements during your lesson and/or whilst out on your driving test? Any questions in respect of this policy, please do not hesitate to ask your instructor.


On arriving at your address, your instructor will TEXT you to inform you that they are outside your pick-up point (please make sure your phone is turned on, and we have the correct number). On receiving the text, please wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and make your way to the ‘Training Car’.

Current advice prevents your instructor from knocking on your door, handshakes, or hugs, even after you have PASSED!

As you approach the car, your instructor will speak to you outside of the car, maintaining social distancing rules, keeping at least 1 Plus metre distance from you. They will again ask you to confirm your answers to your Health Check!

We would also ask that you do not bring any unnecessary items into the car – such as a handbag or wallet - Just your mobile phone and house keys to return into your home.

Prior To Entering The Training Car!

You will be offered ´Hand Sanitiser´and your instructor will also clean their hands in front of you. During the lesson, current advice states you need to face forward, and do not directly look towards your instructor, specifically when your instructor is talking to you. We understand this is hard and not natural, but please try! Obviously to maintain ‘observations’ you will be looking all directions!

To maintain ventilation, the car windows will be open unless inclement weather prevents this.

At the end of the lesson, your instructor will return you home and ask that if you elected to wear face coverings or gloves, keep these on until you have left the ‘Training Car’ and dispose of, or clean equipment at home. Please do not leave anything in the car. If parents want to discuss your progress, your instructor will be happy to wait at the ‘Training Car’ and maintain social distancing to answer any queries or concerns.

Refundable* Assessment!
Still Not Sure What To Do?

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Waiting List - Registration
This gives you an opportunity to ´Register´ for lessons TODAY with cf14 School of Motoring, and to start booking your lessons TODAY - but currently, you will be restricted to starting your lessons in JANUARY 2022

Obviously we will push you up the list as we start to return to ´Normal´. (Non Refundable Deposit, But Payment Can Be Used Towards Your Lesson, And Deducted From Any Pre-Paid Lesson Purchase)
25 Hours Pre-Paid (3 Payments)
This 25 Hour Offer is limited to 10.50 hrs of tuition in month one, or until second payment made & a total of 16.50 hrs to month two.

NB.Prices will revert to STANDARD rate from lesson ONE if any instalment is not made on the due date!

Additional Lessons Will Be Charged At £28.25
30 Hours Pre-Paid (3 Payments)
This 30 Hour Offer is limited to 12.50 hrs of tuition in month one, or until second payment made & 20.00 hrs in total to month 2.

NB. Prices will revert to STANDARD rate from lesson one, if any instalment is not made on the due date.

Additional Lessons Will Be Charged At £27.75

Barry Has Had 64 Out Of 67 Students Pass Their Practical Test In 2019 (Many First Time)

Ask Your Instructor For Their Pass Rate & Compare Us!

YoYo 05.06.19
Many Congratulations YoYo, Passing In Cardiff Today With A Great Drive. You Really Deserved That Pass, Lots Of Effort And Determination Put In, So Really Well Done.
YoYo 05.06.19

Muna 22.03.19
I cannot express enough how amazing my journey was with this driving school and in particular my instructor, Barry. I can honesty describe the service, value and quality of my lessons as simply except ...
Muna 22.03.19

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